We Care About vehicle sharing

When you need to get somewhere you want to go now! If you use a car sharing company then you will be frustrated by that fact that you will need to download and log into each app individually which is a pain and takes time RegMeGo changes all that!!!

Are you a car sharing operator?

Find out how we can help you gain more customers and increase loyalty!

What We Do

Three simple steps to Reg and Go!

Step 1.
Download RegMeGo App

Step 2.
Fill in Once. Register with 450+ operators in EU

Step 3. Use RegMeGo to book vehicles and earn points/cash

No fees if you take the optional Free Credit card

All Operators in one screen

Multi-language great when traveling abroad

Why Choose Us

Saves you time and money - simple to use!

Only download one App

Regi the Bot does the rest!


Use the language you know when you are abroad.


Earn minutes or cashback on every purchase

Multi-Modal use

Choose the mode of transport and operator you want in one place

All Operators in one place

See all the operators on one single radar screen

One signup

RegMeGo lets you sign up once and then use it at home or abroad!

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What Our Clients Say

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RegWeGo saved me hours of work. I hate downloading apps and filling in forms so only having to do it once was a dream. I've also saved loads which is a major bonus!
Alex becker